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Smart Micro Markets

A Convenience Store at the Office

Micro Markets are now the go-to method in providing refreshment services within the workplace. Our Micro Markets will provide freshly prepared meals and healthier snacks & drinks, along with everyone's sweet and salty favorites.

The 24/7 "Smart Market" allows for a larger variety of options, including healthier products that many employees look forward to. Each Smart Market layout is custom designed and built to fit the needs and wants of your employees.

Vast and Diverse Product Selection

We offer you a near limitless selection of products to choose from, such as freshly made deli-fresh sandwiches, amazing salads, and delicious lunch and dinner entreés. We have gluten-free options too.

Smart Breakrooms | Employee Micro Markets in South Jersey, Central Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware

Touchless Easy-To-Use Self-Checkout Kiosks

The Smart Market Kiosk provides an efficient transaction process: Scan, Pay and Go! Associates have the option to use their Smart Market accounts, cash, credit/debit, Apple Pay or Google Pay to securely purchase their products. Smart kiosks are PCI-Certified, which ensures one of the highest levels of bankcard transaction data security.

Advanced Technology

Our Smart Kiosk software is the leader in innovative Micro Market technology. Our advanced software allows us to manage and implement Health and Wellness programs within your breakroom and the ability to measure your success and provide you with detailed reports.

Fresh Food Program

Fresh Food variety for all! This is what separates Smart Breakrooms from our competitors. Our customized software allows our dedicated Fresh Food Manager to supply the items that are most often purchased, and minimize the items that are less frequently bought. Our fresh food variety remains exciting month after month, while providing fresh deli items for all budgets.

Micro Markets: An Enhanced Customer Experience
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